Please visit the student's web agenda of the University of Padova to get information about examinations timetables.

Timetables are liable to changes: please check exam details immediately prior to your examination date.

Students must log in on Uniweb and sign up to the exams.


Lecturers record grades at the end of 7 days after publication. Only for special requirements, such as graduation, scholarship or transfer deadlines, it is necessary to contact the lecturer in order to obtain an earlier registration. By doing so, lecturers will be able to correct the test and publish the grade in a timely manner. Uniweb allows partial publications and recordings, even for only one student or one student at a time, and even before 7 days post-publication of results, but only in exceptional and documentable cases.

Please note that the date of the actual day of the examination is the authentic date for the recording of a result in the career. Therefore, if a student were to sit an exam on 9 September and the deadline for graduating in October was 9 September, that date (i.e. 09/09) would in any case be the date that would appear in her or his on-line booklet, thus in time with the deadline.